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In a highly interactive and engaging environment, utilizing online mentoring sessions and face to face workshops, I provide a framework for Success and Business Strategies to those just starting out and up to 50-year-old Professionals, Military Veterans, Entrepreneurs, Professional Speakers, and Business Owners that will unlock their true potential and elevate them to new heights in their personal and professional lives. I equip people with the tools necessary to live EPIC lives, and leaves people better equipped to manage change effectively.


I provide dynamic, interactive, and engaging courses & speeches to those who want to live better lives & strive every day to reach their full potential.  I accomplish this by being in tune fully with the audience.  I inspire change by delivering easy to use, actionable steps needed to be successful both in your professional life & in your personal life, by focusing on strengthening a set a beliefs, principles, & values. 



Withstand, Recover, & Grow: Building Your Resilience Muscle

 As a Master Resilience Implementer with the U.S. Air Force, I specialize in Mental, Social/Emotional, and Spiritual Resilience skills designed to empower you to withstand, recover, and grow through adversity, stress, and life's changing demands. Change, Growth, and Stress Management is exactly what building Resilience is all about. I will provide a framework of culture you can easily implement that will reduce anxiety, depression, and stress in your personal and professional life.


Live Your Brand: Transformational Strategies for Proper Marketplace Positioning

20%-70% of YOUR customers and clients will leave in the first 100 days if you do not provide them a world-class experience.  This talk will cause a shift in the business culture of an organization resulting from a change in the underlying strategy and processes that the organization has used in the past. This talk will challenge the status quo. Attendees will learn three strategies that will transform them and those they serve.


Developing The Leaders Of Tomorrow (Designed for Colleges and/or Newly Promoted Leaders)

 "Developing Leaders of Tomorrow" is about investing in your people.  Commitment: If you make a positive impact difference in the lives of your people and on your organization, then people will commit to you and your efforts. They will "buy-into" your vision. People will commit to a leader who is relevant.  It's about not needing a title to be leader, but to live by example.  What impact will you create?


Turn High Performers Into High Achievers:  Team Building, Performance Strategies, & Stages of Team Forming

We will go in depth in the development of teams, stages of team forming, and how to create high performing teams that deliver world class products and world class results.  Investing into your teams pays dividends, but we must first know how to capitalize on their strengths.


Decisions: The Power To Overcome Self-Defeating Behaviors (Designed for Middle, High School, College Students)

This talk is about cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude, defining your Core Values, and building your personal Board of Directors.  In this talk, audience participation and engagement are a must!  You will feel empowered and equipped to make better decisions and feel confident in making difficult decisions.


Hack Your Brain For Success (TEDx talk topic)

Brain Power is key to everything but the question is how can we use our brain power to train our brain for success and productivity (and even to be happy?) We are going to explore a few ways we can train our subconscious mind for massive success. We will explore what's in our brain that holds us back, what is personal success, and how we can improve our everyday performance in our personal and professional lives.



I speak at Conferences, Business Summits, Military Veteran Events, Churches, Colleges, High Schools, and Youth Camps.  I speak at two youth camps a year in North Carolina, where I collaborated on the curriculum currently used in that program.  I seek out opportunities to get my message to as many people that need it. Contact me today to see if I'm the right fit.  If booked, YOU will NOT be disappointed!


For availability, speaking fee and any other info, please email me at


I am a highly sought after Keynote Speaker. My memorable and engaging speeches are infused with humor and knowledge, creating a memorable learning experience for all attendees.  I also offer seminars and breakout sessions with topics ranging from Leadership and Sales Techniques, to Team Building and Discovering Your Purpose.  For companies that want a more in-depth experience for their employees, I offer training courses that last a half or a whole day.  Finally, I can provide businesses with consulting services, drawing on my extensive experience in Leadership skills, Team Dynamics, Team Performance, and Resilience.  I have built three businesses all while serving on Active Duty Military Orders.

Also offered is The Success Corps Mastermind which is designed to level up everyone in a group setting.  We share experiences, networks, tip, and strategies used every day.  Joining The Success Corps means joining a community dedicated to excellence and service.  Joining The Success Corps allows you to learn from those who currently in the trenches building their legacy.

If you don't like Masterminds, I offer 1:1 mentoring services where we meet once a week for one hour to implement systems and strategies necessary to increase your Positioning & Profitability which decreases the anxiety & stress of figuring it out yourself.  If you want to speak on stage, guest on podcasts, and position you as the subject matter expert with authority & credibility, I will show you how.

Why Sean Douglas Should Be Your Next Keynote Speaker

As a result of my experience, I can reach clients in multiple ways.  When I deliver a presentation, teach a class or seminar, or consults with a company, I am able to impart useful and vital knowledge learned from years of working all over the world.  Unlike other speakers who provide a motivational message that is slightly altered to fit many different audiences by changing a few buzz words, my message is genuine and authentic. Attendees leave my sessions with pages of notes on new programs, plans, and strategies that can be successfully implemented immediately.  I have worked with a diverse collection of clients in and out of the corporate and government worlds.

I am both a world-class speaker and a world-class human being. These two qualities make for an unparalleled experience for anyone who attends one of my talks.  One thing I do more than any other Speaker is "event aftercare."  What that means is I don't just show up and collect a paycheck.  I have conversations with the attendees, get to know them, and after the event, follow up to ensure what I delivered is being implemented.  Forging relationships is what I care about most.


Here are a few videos to get an idea of my speaking style.

Highlight Reel

Keynote Speaker - Clarity Connects Event - Elmira , NY

Outliers Podcast Festival 2019 - Austin, TX

Business Innovation Conference - Chicago, IL

Speaker Workshop - How To Get Booked & Paid To Speak

Keynote Speaker - Elevations Youth Leadership Conference - Columbia, SC

Entrepreneur City Live - Charlotte, NC

Authority Maker Bootcamp - Las Vegas, NV

Keynote Speaker - Outliers Podcast Festival - St. George, UT

icuTalks - Past Pain: Breaking The Chains - Charlotte, NC

Breakout Session Speaker

1Life Fully Lived Conference

West Chester, PA

Power Your Life Today 

Kristy Jo Hunt

The Veteran Podcast - Airel Dandridge

The Compassionate Dad Show

Brian R. King

Lead Life Podcast

Bren & Cameron Dube

The Inspiring Talk Podcast

Bijay Gautam

Trailblazing Leaders - Debbie Pace

Scratch Your Own Itch Podcast

Logan Tyler Nelson

That Veteran Show with Nic Transtrum


Featured on many live shows and Podcasts

Relationships have been built at these events

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