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Decisions: The Power To Overcoming Self-Defeating Behaviors Book


The Power To Overcome Self-Defeating Behaviors

What is the hardest decision you've ever had to make? This book will help people without a purpose, or a why, who needs the motivation to realize their dreams and to live their best life possible. Its unique advantage is that it is based on the author's actual life experiences. Learn the negative consequences of decisions, the wreckage caused, and discover the power that is needed to bounce back. This book will inspire the uninspired and give hope to those who are battling everyday to "stay above water" in their own lives. Everyone handles adversity differently. The key is to not just go through, but to grow through, every adversity. You, the reader, will learn about living with domestic violence, addiction, hitting rock bottom, suicide, surrendering to Christ, resilience, and the power to overcome self-defeating behaviors. After reading this book, you will be inspired for change and will be moved to help someone else through their own adversity. You never know who's battling and struggling.


This book is for those of you who experienced trauma as a kid, and promised yourself that you'd never let the same happen to your kids. Sean reveals his struggles and growth in such a way that leaves the reader begging for more. Order a copy of Decisions today. You'll be glad you did. 

Inspirational book! Loved how the author took all the negative events that had happened in his life and used it as motivation to learn from his mistakes and turn his life around. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Incredible journey! I couldn't put this book down. The real raw story of rock bottom to getting on top.

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The No BS No Fluff Guide To Getting Booked To Speak 

How have I been a guest on over 50 Podcasts a year?


How am I booked and paid to speak over 25 times a year, while serving on Active Duty Military Orders?


How did I deliver a TEDx talk that has over 12,000 views?


How have people that I've Mentored gone from speaking for free to being booked at $2500 and $5K regularly?


By implementing a proven strategy. If you want to get booked to speak then this is the only book you will ever need. Most Speakers quit in the first 2 years because they realize it takes a lot of work, and they give up.


Continue the course you're on now if you're satisfied and happy where you are, but if you're NOT, these proven Strategies will get you booked every time.


Get this valuable Guide today and start getting booked!

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From No Worth To Self-Worth

Why do you second guess yourself?

Why do you think you're not good enough, beautiful enough, loved enough, wanted, or needed?

Who told you this and made you believe it?

Truth is, you never know what someone is carrying around with them. You never know what someone has been through. A collection of moments and events in someone's life has brought them on this journey where you see them now, but that is not their destination. Sometimes we see a person at their highest and best, and other times we see them at their lowest and worst.

What we say and how we act becomes another moment of a person's journey. We have the ability to lift someone up or to tear them down. Where we are on our own journey influences that decision to lift or tear down, which is why with this book, we will have the ability to lift up people from all ages, backgrounds, and places, no matter where they are on their journey.

We dedicate this book to those who have ever been made to feel less than, to feel inadequate, been bullied, or held back. Everyone has something amazing to offer and we hope you will find inspiration within these pages to become a shining star.

You were made for something GREAT!


The No BS No Fluff Guide To Podcast Marketing 

Discover the ultimate resource for podcast marketing with our 'No BS No Fluff Guide To Podcast Marketing.' Packed with actionable strategies and practical tips, this guide is your key to unlocking effective promotion techniques for your podcast.


Elevate your podcasting game and reach a wider audience with this comprehensive and professional guide. Take charge of your podcast's success today!

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