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TEDx Speaker, Master Resilience Implementer, Suicide Awareness Trainer, International Radio Show Host of Life Transformation Radio, Business Positioning Strategist, and Author

I inspire and motivate you to "Live Your Brand" so you can grow personally and professionally.  I offer life transformation skills and business strategies to those just starting out and up to 50-year-old Professionals, Military Veterans, Entrepreneurs, Professional Speakers, and Business Owners that will unlock your true potential and elevate you to new heights in your personal and professional lives.  In a highly interactive and engaging environment, utilizing online mentoring sessions and face face to face workshops, I equip people with the tools necessary to live EPIC lives, and leave people better equipped to manage change effectively.  My WHY is that I'm a suicide survivor who hit rock bottom and has seen firsthand what that path leads to, and now I share my powerful testimony globally.

I am a United States Air Force Veteran.  I enlisted in the Air Force in 2001 right after 9/11, been deployed to multiple locations overseas, and have performed a multitude of duties all over the world.  I spent four years as a Drill Instructor in Air Force Basic Training where I developed over 600 men and women into military leaders.  In 2010, I was awarded the Rookie Instructor of the Year Award for being the best Drill Instructor of all new Instructors.  Throughout my 17 year career, I have earned the The Armed Forces Expeditionary Service Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with Valor, and the Air Force Commendation Medal.

I was at one time abusing alcohol, facing the real possibility of losing my military career and my family.  On St. Patrick's Day 2007, my house burned down after throwing a very large party that spiraled out of control.  I was left alone in the ashes by those who I thought were my friends.  The only person left standing with me would later become my wife.  We were married July 2007, and in December of 2008, we had filed for divorce and called it quits.  Having failed at marriage and not feeling accepted by anyone, I tried took my own life.  Due to my excessive drinking and negative thinking, I felt unloved and of no value.  I sat on my bedroom floor in an empty house where my family used to be, and put a gun in my mouth.  It was in this moment that I had given up.  With the help of my military family, Chaplains, and close family members, I have since recovered and turned to God for healing.  Through my Faith, I help others before they travel down that dark road.

In 2009, after receiving treatment, I was recommended to become an Air Force Drill Instructor, called a Military Training Instructor (MTI).  It was here that an unknown passion was unlocked.  I fell in love with speaking, training, mentoring, and I found my purpose for life.  After four years, I learned how to tell my story.  In 2014, I became a Master Resilience Trainer for the U.S. Air Force and it's where I gained a platform to tell my testimony.  I wrote my first book in 2016, titled, "Decisions: The Power To Overcome Self-Defeating Behaviors."  In 2017, I started my online radio show, Life Transformation Radio.  It has become my platform for transformation and to inspire the listeners to take MASSIVE in their life to live their dreams.


My love for helping others achieve their dreams and instilling in them that extra motivation to finish strong is at the forefront of every speech and presentation I deliver.  I give a personal GUARANTEE that the audience will leave motivated, fulfilled, and with a refreshed attitude.  My main goal is to have a positive impact difference in the lives of everyone I meet, to help stop self-defeating behaviors, and to inspire change and transformation in their lives.   My interactive training develops the participants' skills in the Mental, Social, Emotional, and Spiritual domains of Resilience which empowers them to withstand, recover, and grow through adversity, stress, and life's changing demands.

Learn how to withstand, recover, and grow through adversity, stress, and life's changing demands.  The guests reveal their WHY, we highlight that transformational moment that changed our lives, and how we are using these two to help transform others and elevate their lives as well.  This show empowers listeners the listeners with the tools necessary to take MASSIVE action, and inspire them to live EPIC lives.

The guests are:







-Life changing people who elevate everyone around them

Life transformation is crucial to stepping into your full potential and embracing your true purpose.  It is time to "Live Your Brand"!  Life Transformation Radio is a LIVE online radio show focusing on our life's transformations, and our journey from where we were, to WHY we are doing what we are doing today.  We will discuss the hiccups, the roller coasters, the blood, sweat, and tears that has been poured out while discovering our purpose, and how crucial they are to our growth and personal development.

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